A Little About Myself

If the rest of my website does not tell you my story then I should explain it all here. It may be long and detailed but this is the kind of information you can find out about me almost anywhere on the internet. I might as well make sure that there is a place that tells the truth.

My name is Blair W. Day and I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After graduating high school I moved to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where I started college. I have a passion for creating interesting solutions to complex problems, I enjoy working with my hands and the manual labour if it is required to get the job done. I enjoy drawing and have a keen eye for photography including having a couple of professional groups that have paid for my work. It seems that at this point in my life I would call myself talented. I am not a rock star or an astronaut but I don't have to be, I can build everything that is required that has made those people successful.

Simply put, I am the kind of person that enjoys a hard days work, is willing to get his hands dirty if he has to, but needs to have the correct atmosphere to work in to get the job done. I will never be the kind of person to wear a full suit and I am not the person that will dress to impress someone. If I feel the occasion is right I can enjoy absolutely anything. This is why I stay in business, this is why I am successful, this is why I love my life.

Please be Patient...

As I create a syncronous web profile I do request that you give me a little time to get things together. I have been spending time working on my portfolio to help attract additional business. If you want to know more or have any questions then please check out the Contact page for a way to get a hold of me.